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Who needs PXE? You do if your systems are to meet Windows logo, design or WHQL certifications...

  • PC 2001 Design Guide: "A PC system designed for use with Windows 2000 must include remote boot support as defined in the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) Specification, Version 2.1. This support may either be included on the adapter, in the system BIOS, or the support may be split between the adapter and the BIOS...."
  • Windows Logo Requirements Desktop and Mobile Requirements for XP consumer and 2000/XP Professional: require that systems support Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) based on PXE Specification, Version 2.1, and that the system is capable of recovery and upgrade of the hard drive image and BIOS independent of an Floppy disk controller (FDC)-based floppy disk drive
  • Windows Logo Requirements System and Device Requirements: states that x86-based clients, Itanium-based must provide PXE-based support in all cases.
  • PXE is an important component to help manage networked client systems - and servers

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