emBoot: Managed Desktops via Wired for Management Technology
PXE boot ROMs

emBoot Services

Your one-stop source for any development, testing, expertise and support needed for the firmware, software and implementation of your network boot requirements.

emBoot offers these types of services:


Development of NIC or BIOS-integrated network boot firmware supporting PXE and other protocols. We specialize in desktop, server, POS systems and embedded PC environments. Solve your time-to-market needs by leveraging emBoot's expertise.

Quality Assurance: we'll test your network boot firmware and / or NIC's PXE-compliance. Our testing expertise, resources and facilities in these areas are unmatched. 

Consulting Services to help reduce time and costs attributed to managing and maintaining desktop PCs in implementing a WfM-compliant client management solution.

We offer responsive technical support services from our web site, via e-mail, or by telephone. The emBoot support team has extensive knowledge gained over many years of satisfying customers.

Contact us today and we'll work with you on a solution that's best for you.




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