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About emBoot

emBoot specializes in network booting technologies and products that help reduce the total cost of PC /client ownership.

Leadership in Network Booting

emBoot is a world leader in network booting solutions. We began as Lanworks Technologies in 1986, and our primary focus has been the development and distribution of boot ROMs for network booting. You won't find a source anywhere that can offer the unique experience in boot ROM development and support that we do. Through our family of products, emBoot provides network booting tools that streamline client management, improve client security and help reduce the cost of desktop ownership. Firmware originally developed by our staff is installed in millions of workstations in over 100 countries. Responding to market needs, emBoot provides a wide range of products that support dozens of popular Network Interface Cards (NICs) running in PXE, NetWare, TCP/IP and RPL environments.

emBoot has also licensed its technology and developed strategic partnership agreements with major technology vendors.

By ensuring the integrity of the client booting process, emBoot products help to save business time, money and aggravation, day in and day out. As the installed base of networked PCs continues to rise, emBoot’s network booting solutions become even more important to maintaining the integrity of corporate information infrastructures. Network booting is also becoming an increasingly important element of a total desktop management solution.

Network booting Solutions from emBoot

emBoot's network booting solutions can help you significantly reduce the cost of administrating networked PCs, workstations, Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices and embedded systems. Our client-based Boot Agent firmware makes it possible for client PCs to access and boot from boot image files on a server.

Using emBoot's Boot Agent, network managers can remotely manage their client PCs, eliminating costly visits to desktops. Its configurable boot options meet the needs of a wide range of system and network environments.

Boot Agent is available as a boot ROM chip for NICs, as a binary file for integration into a system BIOS, or as a bootable floppy disk or CD.

emBoot offers these types of services:

PXE-compliant network boot firmware for client-based Boot ROMs and BIOS integration

Quality Assurance testing of your remote boot firmware and / or NIC's PXE-compliance

Consulting Services to help reduce time and costs in implementation

Technical Support

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