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The emBoot team has over 42 years of combined expertise in developing and supporting management solutions that utilize network booting and the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE). Through our family of products, emBoot provides network booting and PXE boot tools that streamline client management, improve client security and help reduce the cost of desktop ownership.

Millions of networked nodes in over 100 countries rely on the technology and knowledge provided by emBoot's legacy.

emBoot's network booting and PXE boot solutions can help you significantly reduce the cost of administrating networked PCs, workstations, Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices and embedded systems.

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Universal PXE boot disk capability with zero client configuration! emBoot MBA on Disk has single or multiple NIC support, with auto identification of many different NICs. Works just like a PXE boot ROM, but stored on a OS-agnostic bootable disk. Mainly used when client PC or NIC does not have PXE. Floppy disk / CD based versions of PXE available. Can be extended to other forms of bootable media.

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